Prints are available of any photo in any of the galleries on the website. Call or visit a gallery if there is something special you may be looking for and isn't shown on the website.

The following sizes and options are available at this time:

Print SizeMatte SizeMatted Print No FrameMatted Print w/ Glass & Frame
8x1011x14$25$45 to $55 (Call for Pricing)
11x1416x20$55$75 to $85 (Call for Pricing)
8x20 8x20Not Available$50

All prints are double matted and all frames are solid wood.

Two types of order forms are available to make ordering easy. However, I only accept payment via money order or check at the moment.

An online order form which calculates your sales tax, shipping and totals for you, is available. Using this order form will require you to submit your name, address, phone number and email address over the internet.

NOTE: The sizes listed in print and frame options are print sizes, refer to the table above for corresponding matte sizes.

Both forms require you to enter the PHOTO ID and description of each photo you'd like to order. These six character PHOTO IDs are located underneath each photo in the gallery.

The online order form is undergoing maintenance, please use the printable form available below.

Alternatively, you may choose to print out a blank order form and fill it out by hand.

Printable Blank Order Form

Send your completed order form and payment to:

Eagle-Eye Photography
203 Park Avenue
Kane, PA 16735

Checks should be made payable to Eagle-Eye Photography.

If you'd like a print size that isn't listed above, please contact me at (814) 837-8041 to see if it's available.

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